Support for the hazardous waste reports is now only offered by email

This page will be updated as issues are reported.


1.If you get a LOGIN NAME/ID invalid error try the following. You need to clear some Internet files. Please follow the directions below. Close all Internet Explorer sessions. Select Start – Settings – Control Panel and double click on Internet Options. Under the General Tab in the middle of the screen you will see Temporary Internet Files. Select “Delete Files”. A box will pop up, put a check in the Delete offline content and select OK. Then retry your login. If you still experience problems please contact us for further assistance.

2. When you click "SUBMIT" and you get an error box that states "You must type correct answer before submitting" and you do not get a question and answer box you need to "accept scripting". Just under the address bar in your Internet Explorer you will see a popup or question line telling you this, accept scripting and click on "Submit" again and you will see one of your security questions you must answer.

3. For all boxes where you have a "Choose" or "Enter" option, if you double click on "Choose" or "Enter" the box may be behind your software view or on the bottom tool bar. ONLY a single click is required.

4. Verify that your Internet browser updates with new pages. With Internet Explorer open, select TOOLS and then INTERNET OPTIONS. Click on SETTINGS on Temporary Internet files and be sure that the option checked is "AUTOMATICALLY".

5. If you do not have scroll bars or cannot move EPA numbers ensure that you have javascript enabled and are using Internet Explorer. You must also hold the ctrl button down if you are using a popup blocker. Turn off as many programs that are in your system tray as posible. ie quick time launcher, real player, etc.

6. If you are asked by the support team to send a screenshot of the data entry screen or an error message please click on the "ALT" key and "PRNT SCRN" key. This captures the screen on your computer. Open an email message to and then in the message portion of the email do a right mouse button click to paste the screen shot in the message. Be sure to explain your problem, include your EPA ID Number and password.

7. If you can not see the arrows on the select EPA waste codes or have other issues seeing the screen be sure your monitor is not set at 600 X 800 resolution. It must be set at a higher resolution.

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